Blogmas Day 5: All About Inds (Christmas Edition)

When I was thinking about my blog the other day I thought I have never really told you anything about me! All you here about is my travel trips, tips and how clumsy I am but I have never really sat down and shared a post about myself. So as Blogmas is a bit of fun I thought this would be the perfect time to do it and I thought I would add a Christmas twist.

I have taken some random question from the ‘get to know me tag’ online, asked my mum too ask my some things people might want to know and then added a few of my own! So hopefully by the end of this post you will know Inds, the girl behind Stories of Adventure!




What is your full name?

India Rose Paine

When is your birthday?

4th June 1996 so I am currently 21 and a half

Am I named after anyone?

India Hicks – Princess Diana’s bridesmaid

What did you want to be when you was growing up?

I actually always wanted to be a fashion designer but once when I was in year 6 I actually dressed up as a WAG to a careers day – high expectations lol.

Do you have a nickname?

I actually have had many since I was a young child, here is the list; pork chops, shamu (the whale), coffee bean, painey, indi ra-ra, inja and finally inds. I feel like the first few tell you I was not the smallest of children!

Do you have any siblings?

Yes I have one older sister called Sian and we get on very well apart from when I am stealing her clothes she then shouts at me…


Do you have a big family?

Yes a huge family! I think on my mums side alone 13 cousins so you never have to worry about a party being empty you can rely on the family.

Have you been to University?

Yes I studied Sociology at Nottingham Trent University and I did not want to leave so I am still there doing my masters degree in magazine journalism!


Did you do a sport as a child?

I did lots of dancing whilst I was young from ballroom and latin, disco and tap dancing but when I was in year 7 I started gymnastics and was asked to join a sports acrobatic squad in my club and I absolutely loved it! If you don’t know what sports acrobatics is thinking Spellbound who won Britain’s Got Talent. I competed in national competitions but once I found out I was going to university I stopped.


What places have you visited?

I am extremely fortunate that I have traveled to lots of places, mainly because my mum and dad are major sun seekers! Miami, Jamaica, New York, Mexico, Budapest, Norway, Krakow, Prague, Paris, Haiti, and many others! I think this is where I got my travel bug!

Have you ever been away for Christmas?

My dad aka Scrooge is not the biggest fan of being at home for Christmas! So we have actually been on a cruise before over Christmas, and have also been in Egypt twice. Believe it or not but we have also been to a curry house on Christmas day and do you know what they were the nicest parsnips I have ever had!


Favorite Christmas song?

Fairy tale of New York – The Progues

Best part about Christmas?

This is tough I love spending time with my family especially now I am away at university it is so lovely to come home and spend such a special time with them. And then I suppose my other favorite part follows this, as I absolutely love seeing peoples faces when they open their presents and just genuinely seeing the people I love happy.

Favorite food at Christmas?

Mince pies not doubt about it.

How many roast potatoes do you have at Christmas dinner?

No comment.


Best ever present you have ever received?

My mum and dad surprised me and my sister on Christmas day with a holiday to Disney! I can’t even remember how old I was but I always remember how excited we were.

Least favorite part about Christmas?

When it is all over! 25 days of build up and then its all over for another year.

Funniest Christmas memory?

When we made mojitos and my cousin got so drunk he went missing for a while and then we went upstairs and he was passed out on the pile of coats!

Must watch Christmas film?

I am torn here! Elf is a must of course and I love watching it with my mum because she speaks along with Buddy shouting “Santa I know him!” But I also love The Holiday that is an all time favorite.

Yes or no to brussel sprouts?

I have reached the grand old age of 21 and have never tried a brussel sprout even though my mum does them every year. Maybe 2017 is the brussel sprouts lucky year!

Now I hope you know me and my Christmas ways a little better! If you have anymore questions you would like me to answer please just comment below.

Until next time,
















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