A Guide to Edinburgh

Hello! And welcome to the first post of 2018! I hope you all had a lovely break over Christmas and new year full of eating, drinking and a lot of lazy days. I know I did, I think I wore PJs more than I wore clothes… But it was Christmas so it was allowed.

But back to reality now and I am back at university sitting in my room wrapped up in 100 layers typing this blog post. Yipee to student accommodation!

Now I absolutely loved Edinburgh and recently coming home from there after Hogmanay,  I thought I would put together a little guide to the places I have loved. I have only been a few times so I do not have the super exclusive places but I am writing this to tell you all the little tourist spots and cool places to go if you do. As well as this, I have only been when it has been extremely cold so I cannot give tips about Fringe festival or beer gardens as that would be extremely cold! Hopefully, in the future when I visit again, of course, I will go in warmer months.

The sightseeing spots 

Edinburgh is beautiful and it has some of the most amazing architecture, in my eyes anyway. It has winding streets, secret passageways and grand buildings which you can wander aimlessly just taking in the atmosphere. Or you can even hop on the open top bus like we did and see all the sites within 1 hour and then explore the places you found!

Let me first take you to Edinburgh Castle. It is perched on top of volcanic castle rock and from most places in the city you can look up and see the castle either lit up in colorful lights or glistening in the sun (or probably more often in Scotland shining lights against the grey, cold skies).  Unfortunately, when we went in December it was shut due to the winds, bloody storm Dylan, so our tickets were not valid which was sad, so make sure to check their twitter before you go. The road that takes you up to the castle is called Royal Mile and has always been full of people exploring Edinburgh too. The road is filled with Scottish shops selling tartan and tablet, and also has lots of pubs, whiskey tours, and museums. One of these museums is Camera Obscura and this has to be one of my favorite museums, it’s filled with lots of optical illusions that are bound to leave you amazed or laughing your socks off. So, Camera Obscura I would 100% recommend.

Down the hill, you have Edinburgh Waverly station that then leads you onto Princes Street. This is where the main new year events were held with a big carnival street party! But when it is not Hogmanay, this street is lined with all the shops you will need, along with the beautiful department store called Jenners. Behind here is George Street and I think this road is one of my favorites. It is filled with cool bars, resutrants and even more shops!

If you need some luck in your life go and rub Grey Friars Bobbies nose like we did before heading into 2018! Or, if you are a Harry Potter fan you can go and sip tea in the cafe in which JK Rowling wrote her early novels at the Elephant House.

Outside of the city is one of my favorite spots, Stockbridge! Here is where I plan to grow old in Circus Lane and when I visited this little place on 1st January 2017 I instantly fell in love and ever since that day I have said one day I will live there. If I say it enough it will come true right?! So, if you have enough time on your trip take a little walk to Stockbridge and see its wonders that made me fall in love.

This is only a quick review of the main places but there is also Arthurs seat, Dynamic Earth, national portrait museum, Holyrood House (desperately want to go here) and so much more! Many still remain on my list.

The eating and drinking spots

I have linked all places for further details (or to browse menus!)

My top place to recommend in Edinburgh is Mother India. A curry tapas restaurant and the food is just so full of flavor and delicious! It is perfect because then you get to try all the dishes rather than just yours or maybe stealing a forkful from someone on your table… normally my mothers (oops).

If you are a fan of the hog roast I would also tell you to take a visit to Grassmarket to Oink! You won’t regret it.

If you fancy somewhere a bit fancier I would suggest Tigerlily. This is a boutique bar, restaurant, and hotel (a hotel I wish to stay in in the future). I have eaten here and the food was again delicious, I had the most amazing cappuccino mousse! But the other week, we popped in this boutique bar for some drinks and the fact the glasses come fully frosted in ice shows how nice this bar is haha. The espresso martini was a gooden and that is good coming from me, the espresso connoisseur if I do say so myself!

But the cocktail of this trip was in The Printing Press on George Street. As soon as we walked into the bar I clocked a lady with this drink and we said to the barman we want what she had and not long after all the ladies were in the bar with this cocktail trying to eat all the chocolate off the glass – myself included! If you want this amazing chocolate lined cocktail it is called Lady Julia’s Marriage.

Other places on my list; The Dome (after many attempts I still have not made it inside), Copper Blossom, Tonic, The Witchery, Mary’s Milk Bar, Bramble, the Devils Advocate, Dishoom just to name a few!

That brings a close on my very quick guide to a few spots in Edinburgh! Have you visited any of these or have any places to recommend? Comment below!

Until next time,



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