22 Things Before Turning 22

My 21st year is flying by and looking back so far I have done so much but yet I have so much I want to do. Many people have told me that the year you are 21 is one of the best and you should take advantage of it!

I am beyond lucky that I have the opportunity to study at university and enjoy my freedom without having too many responsibilities apart from making sure an essay is on time and that I have put all my effort into that.

Now, with the next six months coming round quick I want to set myself 22 things to do, achieve or experience all before 4th June 2018. I also hope you may be inspired by some ideas and create a list of your own! 20 things before you are 20, 50 things before you are 50, even 100 things before your 100, let’s make the most of our short but amazing time we have on this planet.

Here are my 22 things to do before I turn 22;

  1. Run 10K (cheating a little here as I have this one booked in)
  2. Have afternoon tea at Sketch, London
  3. Reach 100 words per minute in shorthand
  4. Travel somewhere or at least book
  5. Do three weeks work experience at cool magazines (Sunday Times Travel coming up!)
  6. Visit the Princess Diana exhibition at Kensington Palace
  7. Go to Matlock in the Peak District
  8. Have my tarot cards read
  9. Create my own travel scrapbook/journal
  10. Sit and watch the complete new series of Grace and Frankie (I recommend)
  11. Raise money for charity
  12. Go for coffee and cake at Homemade, Nottingham
  13. Eat at Benihana, London
  14. Make a list of all the books I want to read and make my way through them
  15. Blog about fashion and style
  16. Be published in a magazine
  17. Get a Lush subscription
  18. Go to gin festival in Nottingham (check out last years)
  19. Finish the whole series of friends
  20. Book my flight to either Australia or Japan (which one do you think?!)
  21. Do something completely unexpected for someone that will make their day
  22. Try to look cooler with my clothes (lol)

And, there we go! This was actually a lot harder than I thought but this is the completed list. I will keep coming back and tick off on the date I completed each one.

Shop the look

My fav cockney slogan jumper EVER  – Ted’s Colour by Numbers

Jeans – Whistles *similar* or *ones I wish to buy also*

Until next time,


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