St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall

During this snow apocalypse (thank you to the beast from the east) we are currently having, I find myself slipping off into a daydream of summer adventures.

We all need something to look forward to and this beautiful spot in Marazion, Cornwall is the perfect place in either spring or summer. You may have seen images of this historic castle perched on top of a hill out in the ocean and people wandering up a causeway through the sea! Basically walking on water…

So, if you want a fun day out to look forward too I suggest this gem.


Fun fact: In Cornish, the name means “the grey rock in a wood!” This goes back to a time before it was flooded and the mount was surrounded by woodland.

To get to the mini island in high tide they run small fishing boats which go too and from. You can also take dogs on the water taxis, Bella, Barney and Daisy all enjoyed it! And in low tide walk along the cobbled path and cool your feet in the water. When we visited we took the boat out and walked back to Marazion. Check the tide times here.

Marazion is also a lovely place to see before or after you go to the mount. It is Cornwall’s oldest town and is home to two beaches, plenty of shops, pubs and cafes and is even a good spot for dolphin watching.

Once you arrive on St Michael’s Mount, you don’t only have to visit the castle and church, you can explore the island or nip into the pub, shop or cafe. What I particularly loved about the island – other than its beauty – was the fact that there were small houses! I would love to live on a little island like this, as I had a little sneak peak in the windows wondering how they get their food shopping.


But, like me and my aunty Tracey who were keen to see inside the castle, we left the sun seekers to the sunbathing and headed up the mount (warning it is extremely steep). After (a lot) of huffing and puffing we made it to the top and all throughout the tour you have a chance to soak up the wonderful view.

Inds advice: When they are showing you the ‘dragon’s heart’ look down on the floor, unlike me and Tracey who was just staring at this other huge rock looking slightly confused…


Inside you learn all about the history and the St Aubyn family who still live there now! We found out that their children went to university and my instant thought was, ‘oh my how cool would it be to invite all your uni friends back to your island!’

You are able to see the magical moments that the house has held from having the Queen visit to monks seeking solace in the priory.


Once you have let your imagination run wild in the family home, you can explore the equally beautiful garden. Full of bright flowers and flourishing plants, you can wander the winding paths and along the edge of the mount maybe dipping your toes in the turquoise sea.


Unfortunately, when we went the garden was closed as the family was in residence. An excuse to go back this summer I say.

Dogs are allowed on the island if they are kept on lead, but they are not allowed into the castle or church.

Entry fee: £15 for an adult ticket and £7.50p for a child ticket (house and garden)

I hope I have filled you with thoughts of spring and summer while the cold weather continues. Do you have any spots in Cornwall you love?

Until next time,


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