Where did I eat and drink in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a foodies heaven! I think everywhere I looked there was yummy food from chips covered in sauces, waffles coated in chocolate, to big ice cream cones. But also nestled away there are healthier cafes and amazing coffee shops (and I mean coffee shops that sell coffee beans). I had seen some places online and had kept them in mind when on my little city break and I loved each and every one of the places we went too. Even my three euro pizza slice was INCREDIBLE!

Warning: This post may make you extremely hungry… Like I am now writing it!

Avocado Show

You are right you are reading about a restaurant which is completely dedicated to avocados. And, yes they also have a store 100 yards away which sells avocado merchandise such as jumpers and umbrellas. You are not going mad. But, myself, on the other hand, was going completely mad with excitement to be going to the Avocado Show! Being an avocado enthusiast I think this could have been one of the main reasons I visited Amsterdam…

I do not think you will believe me when I say that it tastes even more amazing than it looks because as you can see it is the prettiest thing ever! The avocado is in a shape of a rose!!

So, what is on the menu? You can get anything from your classic avocado on toast to avocado pancakes, to avocado with eggs, to avocado burgers (yes the avocado is the bun) and avocado bowls. But, let’s not forget the sweet treats of avocado ice cream and date mousse.

And if you are a real avocado superfan why not taste one of their avocado cocktails. I wasn’t so brave but avocado and Bacardi may just take your fancy.

What did I have? The Heart Beet Rose – red beet hummus, toasted bread, pickled beets, black sesame seeds and beet leaves, served with an avocado rose (pictured below)

However, it wasn’t the best place for me to go as from now on I will only have avocado on toast if it looks like this.


MOOK Pancakes

Did you know MOOK is short for Mokun which is slang for Amsterdam? No, neither did I until I was sat reading the mouth-watering menu at Mook Pancakes. This cool little spot has been open since 2016 and since then they have created simple, good food and the juciest of juices.

They have both sweet and savory pancakes on the menu so you can order what you fancy. And, even better they are basically healthy as they use 100% wholegrain flour to make their fluffy pancakes, with no added sugar and only a touch of butter so they are practically like eating a salad (wink wink).

What did I have? The chocolate sensation – homemade chocolate sauce with fresh fruit and grated coconut (pictured below)


MaMa Kelly Amsterdam

Have you ever seen them restaurants on Instagram that are completely pink? Well, MaMa Kelly is one of them!

But be warned it is not in the center of Amsterdam and we learned this the hard way by walking for an hour and a half (gaining too many blisters) to find it. Does anyone else agree that the distance on a map is hugely deceiving?!  But, nevertheless, we made it to the Olympic Stadium. If you go I would recommend the tram or taxi!

We walked into this pink heaven and was greeted at the door and our coats were taken as we were shown to our seat. This four-level restaurant is massive and on a Tuesday night, extremely busy. This was a good sign!

The menu – chicken or lobster (or a truffle mushroom risotto for me). But, for the meat eaters out there you choose either chicken and lobster with whatever sauce and it comes with chips and a side salad. We washed this down with two glasses of wine at the bar!

What did I have? Truffle risotto with mushrooms and parmesan cheese (pictured below)



With the motto ‘you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’ you know you are going to get a strong, delicious, luxurious cocktail. And boy was my cocktail amazing!

What did I have? Lemon Pie. I would love to tell you what this drink consisted of but they have no online menu so you will have to go to try this yummy drink. One layer creamy goodness then a sip of lemon, this cocktail was beyond tasty (pictured below in martini glass)



If you love healthy food then you will love this cafe which is located on 9 streets! They serve up anything from sandwiches, pancakes, smoothie bowls and cakes to satisfy any rumbling belly.

It is also a little shop where you can buy cute bits and bobs to take home! I am now a proud owner of a Pluk Amsterdam tote bag which I love.

What did I have? Unicorn bowl – a mix of banana, strawberry, and coconut with a topping of granola, banana, coconut flakes, chia seeds and a flower with a latte (pictured below)


Los Feliz 

The restaurant is a tribute to those times when love was young, the sun shone everyday and life was brunch, cocktails and Mexican food. This cali inspired Mexican restaurant was a real find for us and luckily two people had not turned up for their table so we were sat straight away!

Found in an old fire brigade building, it was like we stepped onto a cool street in downtown LA. And the food which was served was equally as good, especially when it is joined with margaritas…

What did I have? Chargrilled vegetable quesadilla with avocado, sour cream, and salsa (sorry no picture I was obviously too hungry)

Unknown delicious bakery

We walked past this most days and each day this sweet bread pudding caught my eye and stood drolling over it. I think it is the bright colors of the berries and flowers which drew me in to buy a big chunk for breakfast (I was on my holidays…). I must admit all their cakes, quiches, sandwiches looked amazing and as we sat eating our breakfast they were making all their products right there for you to see.

They even had lots of vegan options available.

What did I have? Sweet bread pudding 


Until next time



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