Luxury Amsterdam Airbnb

For mine and Jess’s trip to Amsterdam we decided not to stay in a hotel but an Airbnb. I had stayed in several Airbnb’s before and I personally have had a great experience and all houses I have stayed in have been amazing. And this gem was no different.

To be honest, I think the main reason myself and Jess choose this Airbnb was for the pink sofa and all the potential photoshoots that could happen. I suppose the location came into play but I mean the pink sofa was a seller!


The flat was located in the most perfect location in the heart of the city – the Red Light District! However, despite the streets below us being extremely busy with everyone sitting outside coffee shops or taking little trips to sex shops, the flat was very quiet.

The owners, Matthias and Luc, live on the first two floors of the building and the two upper floors are both Airbnb rental flats. We met Matthias, who was lovely and messaged me through-out our trip to make sure we had everything we needed and whether we needed any advice. We were also welcomed by a lovely lady who showed us around the flat and rocked up looking very cool on her motorbike!


Our flat was located on the 4th floor and we expected the building to have a lot of steps but I did not expect them to be so steep! It was like climbing up a ladder and I am not even joking. With a suitcase, this was quite difficult and definitely required a degree of fitness (I and Jess were both huffing and puffing when we reached the top after our Airbnb owner shot up the stairs). So, pre-warning if you stay here or in any other Amsterdam house the stairs are ladders!

But, it was worth the exercise the flat was beautiful. Just like the images they had posted on the Airbnb site, if not better. It was clean, crisp and modern.


We even arrived to a bottle of bubbles, which was a great touch to welcome us to their home! They also supplied tea and Nespresso coffee pods, which I had fun playing around with.


Now let’s talk about the bed! In particular the pillows! I wish I had asked where they got these big, square, cloud-like pillows from. I and Jess were tempted to put them in our suitcases!

From the bubbles on arrival, rainfall shower, CalifornianĀ king-bed to the pink sofa we both loved this Airbnb and was sad to leave it all behind.


I would recommend this Airbnb as everything was perfect, location great and hosts friendly.

Stay at Matthias and Luc’s Airbnb!

Until next time,



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