East Coast Australian adventures: Byron Bay

“Welcome to Byron Bay! Cheer up. Slow down. Chill out.”

This is the first thing your eyes lay sight on once you reach Byron Bay. And for me, that was a very happy sight after being on a 12-hour bus journey from Sydney the night before. But little did I know that this was the true motto of this surfer spot along the East Coast in New South Wales.

Known for its stunning beaches and hippy vibes (peace man) I was not entirely sure what my three days here would be filled with. But I jumped off the bus and was excited to see. As a backpacker, I was staying in hostels whilst travelling. So I walked to my hostel – Wake Up Byron Bay – which was absolutely amazing. One of my top hostels in Australia. This newly refurbished hostel is right on the beach, offers free yoga and group gym classes, free surfboard hire, free bike rental, cheese and wine nights, free pancakes $10 all you can eat pizza… I mean the list is endless of all the cool things they provide you with here. I was in an all-female dorm of six and this was the first place I made some of my friends who I would see for the next six weeks also travelling up the glorious East Coast.

But less about the hostel, more about Byron Bay itself. Packed with camper vans, cafes and cool surfers wandering barefoot along the street, Byron Bay has plenty of things to do. For me, the weather was not brilliant so I ended up on what felt like a private food tour of the town… The only day I had where I could lay on the beach was the day I arrived. This was nice because I was shattered from my overnight bus and was thankful to just lay in the sunshine catching a tan. However, my next two days were a different story and the weather consisted off grey skies and lots of showers. Clearly why I had to shelter in yummy cafes (wink wink).

Where I ate

Byron Fresh – 7 Jonson Street

The Mezze Club  – 4 Jonson Street

Bayleaf Cafe – 2A Mavell Street


But there were so many other places on my list that I never got around too such as; The General Store, No Bones, Miss Tequila, Pressed Pantry and The Farm.

Once my foodie tour was finished, I went on to the next thing I am very good at – shopping. Byron Bay had such cute shops to mooch around while the weather was bad. I must admit I did purchase one or two things whilst I was in Byron Bay but I blame the weather!!

However, if you are more interested in the sites of Byron Bay there is a beautiful lighthouse, called Cape Byron Light, that has a trail leading up to it which goes along the coastline and then through the hinterland. It is actually quite a steep hike and I was definitely huffing and puffing a little bit.


If you are lucky you may also get to spot some wildlife from humpback whales to cute little turtles. The hike was under two hours so was a nice way to spend the afternoon. People also go for sunrise or sunset but due to the cloudy weather I just went during the day.


But my three days in Byron Bay were up and I loved this little spot, despite the weather. But I had one sunny day and I can imagine that if every day was hot and sunny you would completely fall in love with this little town.

Until next time,




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