Stories of 2019 #2: Everyday Challenges

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.” – Anonymous

New Years Eve 2018 // Disco pants, Karaoke and 80’s songs

When I was at work, Saturday just gone, I was speaking to a man sat at the bar about our New Years resolutions. His, he told me, was to do something new every single day of the year. I started thinking about this and thought how hard this resolution may be to do.

But when I was on my train home from Manchester yesterday, I started thinking actually how amazing this resolution could be (if you were to stick to it). First off, I was thinking of only the big things, but what about the smaller changes that you can make everyday. For example, taking the time to make a delicious breakfast instead of simply pouring a bowl of cereal, walk to work instead of drive or go to a class you have never done.

On the first day of the year in 2019, I did karaoke. That was my something new! And, do you know what, I bloody loved it. Thinking back to it, I let out a little smile and think about that new thing I did. I know this is not a huge thing, I mean my mum does karaoke whenever she has the opportunity. But for me, it was a big thing, normally I would never do anything like that!

So, everyday you may only have those smaller new experiences but when the opportunity arises and you have the offer to do something amazing, exciting and way out of your comfort zone, just imagine how you will feel after!

Today, my change, only small, was to get up an earlier after listening to a podcast called the Power Hour. So, here I am, 7am and writing this blog post. Yes, maybe with my eyes very heavy but I did something new and I am happy.


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