Stories of 2019 #3: Back on the Health Kick

“Skip the diet. Just eat healthy.”

Lunch 02.01.2018 // Vivera kebab salad

Have you joined the Veganuary tribe? Have you been thinking about the idea of dipping your toe into the world of a vegan diet? Well, since coming back from Australia I have been trying my hardest to eat a vegan diet as much as I can. And, most importantly, if I have slipped up here and there, I have not punished myself because sometimes it can be hard and you know what, I am human and people make mistakes! It is all a process and about learning along the way.

What I enjoy most about following this plant-based diet is that it gets me cooking and I find cooking very therapeutic. And there is so so so much out there now to try and lots of restaurants popping up, it is an exciting time to be making the change to vegan. For example, some of my favorite supermarket brands are Vivera (the vegan kebab is so good), Oatly and Violife.

Sometimes I do find myself just having a stir-fry of veg and rice and I do enjoy this dinner but after a while it gets boring so I now am a proud owner of a variety of vegan/vegetarian cookbooks to add some spice into my life!

Joe Wicks // Veggie Lean in 15
Nina Olsson // Bowl of Goodness
Lucy Watson // Feed Me Vegan
So Vegan in 5 // Roxy Pope and Ben Pook

P.S The Veganuary website is packed full of information from eating out and what to order, to what’s best to order in a certain cuisine and free recipe books. Take a look and see how easy it is now to have a plant-based diet.


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