Stories of 2019 #8: Why I Love Baths

‘Happiness is a long, warm bath after a tiring day.’

Wishing this was me // Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

I could not agree more with that quote. But my mum would have a different view. In this world, I think you are either a bath or a shower person. And whilst I do enjoy a quick hop in the shower, I do not think you can beat a nice hot bubble bath before bed. Although, I do hate it when I do it too hot and you are in there for max five minutes…

Now, as it is #nationalbubblebathday I am going to share with you where I buy my bath products for #bathgoals!

Portside Soap Company

Made in Hertfordshire, this little shop is bursting with uniquely designed, brightly coloured, delicious smelling bath bombs, body scrubs and shower gels. I love this company all their soaps are handmade, vegetarian and cruelty-free. They do deliver around the UK which is a bonus for those not based in Stevenage, where they are based in the Indoor Market.


I mean everyone knows Lush, don’t they? As you speak about Lush you can smell the strong aroma of scents when you walk in the door and the friendly staff that pounce on you as soon as you first step foot into the stores. They are the holy-grail of bath bombs. Each season they bring out a variety of different products. This valentine they are even releasing an aubergine and peach emoji… Brilliant.


She is the queen of baths. Her bathroom itself is enviable and then she adds her bath set up on top of this and she just has what looks like the most amazing soak! With this, she has her wide range of bath products that she sells at Superdrug. So, you can have a bath as enviable as her.

These are only the three brands I use for my baths. But there is so so so much out there that you can add to your bath to make it relaxing. Oils, bath bombs, salts, milks, you name it they have probably got it.

If you have any products you use, let me know in the comments below and I will add them into my bath routine.


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