Stories of 2019 #12: Don’t Go Dry this January

Whilst everyone is having a dry January, I am having a dry(ish) January. I am going back to the pub!

This is a cut down on the amount of alcohol consumed over the Christmas period but not cutting it out completely.

Local pubs are always so busy during the run up to Christmas and New Year, full with new faces and your regulars. But then January rolls around and they are empty! It may be a tough month for us all but for the local pub, it is even harder.

The Castle Rock Brewery are even running a campaign this January to protect pubs in the UK by encouraging people to go into their local, have a drink, chat to people and support the owners. Raise awareness of this campaign with the #mylocalis on social media.

And if dry January is what you are doing, have a soft drink, have a half a pint, try something different rather than staying home and having the same old drink.

Me, my mum and dad always go to the pub on a Friday evening and January has not stopped us. One gin and tonic, a beer and a Bacardi and Diet Coke please. Health is everything in moderation isn’t it? Plus we are supporting our local.

Will you be going to your local pub this January?


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