A Little Bit About Us

And so the adventure begins…

My partner in crime and I are traveling the world, slowly but surely! We want to share with you our memories and experiences of traveling, whether this is abroad or right here in England where we both live.

We both currently study at Nottingham Trent University, and try to go away as much as we can or as much as our student loans will let us. We love to seek out adventures we can go on, and do things different from the everyday student. We wish to share with you all these adventures and hope to inspire our readers to do the same and tell us their experiences.

We also want to see your adventures, no matter how big or small and build a community of travellers with the same goal to see the world! You can share your images on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter with the hashtag #storiesofadventure or we would even love to have fellow travellers guest blog. Just contact us to be featured.

We both aspire to an adventurous lifestyle to inspire your own

India and Cole