Stories of 2019 #14

So, I went for it. I did my first ever boxing class! And I don’t mean boxercise, I mean an actual boxing class.

Boxing class // 13th January 2019

If you have been reading my blogs, you will know my New Years resolution was to find a new hobby which I was hoping would be boxing. I was meant to go to the class last Sunday but after seeing a video the gym posted online of the girls in the ring, I was too scared to go. Gutted because this is something I really wanted to do.

After speaking to a lady about the class, she persuaded me to just go for it and that I would actually really enjoy it. So, again Sunday came around and my alarm was going off at 8:30am, telling me it was time for boxing. Still slightly dreading it, I finally left my house and started walking to the gym.

An hour and a half later and it was all done. I was sweaty, my hands smelt BAD (I need my own pair of gloves thats for sure) but I really really enjoyed it and so glad I bloody just went and did it.

We started off with a HITT circuit, followed by a weight circuit, then skills on the bags (fav part of the session) and then sparring in the ring. I have never been hit before or hit anyone else, so this did not come as second nature to me ha ha. Anyway, I survived it just about. A lot to learn but I am excited. I will be going again next week.

This just shows that sometimes you just need to throw yourself into the deep end to achieve the things you want! Sometimes you may regret it but more often than not you will be glad you pushed yourself.

Stories of 2019 #13

Happy Sunday evening to you all! I hope you have enjoyed your day like I have. There is something so lovely about a Sunday. There is no need to rush around for the whollleee day! I did have to jump out of bed early this morning though but it was worth it. I finally bite the bullet and went to boxing (more on my experience tomorrow). But other than that, I made a delicious brunch (find what I eat on Instagram Stories HERE), went for a Sunday stroll with my mum and then spent the afternoon/evening watching the new Les Miserables (amazing, I love Lilly Collins) and doing the Fabulous magazine crossword. Now, I have had dinner and I am continuing to sit on the sofa in my PJs – true Sunday style.

I hope you have had a good week. If you have not seen this week’s blog posts just scroll down and you will find them all.

See you tomorrow for a new week!

Stories of 2019 #12

Whilst everyone is having a dry January, I am having a dry(ish) January. I am going back to the pub!

This is a cut down on the amount of alcohol consumed over the Christmas period but not cutting it out completely.

Local pubs are always so busy during the run up to Christmas and New Year, full with new faces and your regulars. But then January rolls around and they are empty! It may be a tough month for us all but for the local pub, it is even harder.

The Castle Rock Brewery are even running a campaign this January to protect pubs in the UK by encouraging people to go into their local, have a drink, chat to people and support the owners. Raise awareness of this campaign with the #mylocalis on social media.

And if dry January is what you are doing, have a soft drink, have a half a pint, try something different rather than staying home and having the same old drink.

Me, my mum and dad always go to the pub on a Friday evening and January has not stopped us. One gin and tonic, a beer and a Bacardi and Diet Coke please. Health is everything in moderation isn’t it? Plus we are supporting our local.

Will you be going to your local pub this January?

Stories of 2019 #11

Turquoise seas, white sand beaches and hidden fairy pools – Noosa is a must visit spot when on your East Coast Australia road trip!

Noosa National Park, Australia

Located appropriately on the Sunshine Coast, Noosa is the go-to destination for the fellow Aussies but for a first-timer Australia is big, if you hadn’t notice, so finding the right places to stop at can be hard.

For me, it was sandwiched between the city of Brisbane and the small town of Rainbow beach (mainly used for Fraser Island). I found that Noosa was the perfect place to practice your surfing, do a spot of shopping or fill up on delicious food from Hastings Street.

As a typical backpacker, I stayed at Flashpackers on Pacific Avenue. I have to say this was one of the best hostels I stayed at during my three months away. Family run, small and had all the amenities any backpacker could dream of! They had breakfast each day and even held a cheese and wine night whilst I was there. See, who said backpackers had to slum it!

The hostel was around a 10-minute walk to the bus station, where you pick up the Greyhound bus, and the liquor store (result). And, then a further 10 minutes walk was the main area of Noosa, Hastings Street.

I had some delicious meals here in Noosa, mainly for lunch as I would often cook in the evening. If you walk along Hastings street or the beachfront you will find plenty of places to stop and have a bite to eat. For me, I choose Blended Health Bar, Raw and Rice and Noosa Acai Brothers.

I also walked off this delicious food with the 6.5km walk along the picturesque coastline, from Sunshine beach to Noosa Heads main beach. I spotted whales and dolphins jumping about in the sea. It is said you can also see koala bears in the trees but unfortunately we did not see any. You have to really keep your eye out for them!

The main part of the walk I was looking forward too was finding the fairy pools. A wild swimming spot where the waves have filled deep pools in the rocks with the bluest water. The perfect spot for a refreshing dip after a long, hot walk. It was not too busy when I was there, as I hear it can get super busy with lots of tourists trying to also get in the pools. Thankfully, for us there was only a handful of people jumping in and out, myself included!

Noosa Fairy Pools // I am in there by the rocks!

Now you have walked your daily quota of 10,000 steps, it is time to chill on the beach. Lie back on your beach towel and listen to the Laguna Bay waves as they crash against the sand. Writing this is making me wish I was right there, right now! It is also an excellent spot to watch as the surfers ride the waves or, like me, catching the waves into the shore with the bodyboard. Noosa is one of the best spots for surfing and attracts plenty of them long-haired, toned surfers! Especially in March when they hold their annual Festival of Surfing. Sounds terrible to me *wink wink*. If you don’t fancy the main beach and want something a little more private, Noosa has plenty more to offer. Check out Visit Noosa for more information.

That is all I got up too on my few days in Noosa but there is also the Noosa Everglades, where you can go kayaking. Some friends from the hostel did a tour of the Everglades and said it was lovely. So another one to add to your list of recommendations from this post.

I did really enjoy Noosa, apart from here I was chased by a magpie down the road! A genuinely terrifying moment in my life ha ha. But my time to get back on the Greyhound bus came around too quickly but at least I left wanting more.

More Australia posts to come!

Stories of 2019 #8

‘Happiness is a long, warm bath after a tiring day.’

Wishing this was me // Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

I could not agree more with that quote. But my mum would have a different view. In this world, I think you are either a bath or a shower person. And whilst I do enjoy a quick hop in the shower, I do not think you can beat a nice hot bubble bath before bed. Although, I do hate it when I do it too hot and you are in there for max five minutes…

Now, as it is #nationalbubblebathday I am going to share with you where I buy my bath products for #bathgoals!

Portside Soap Company

Made in Hertfordshire, this little shop is bursting with uniquely designed, brightly coloured, delicious smelling bath bombs, body scrubs and shower gels. I love this company all their soaps are handmade, vegetarian and cruelty-free. They do deliver around the UK which is a bonus for those not based in Stevenage, where they are based in the Indoor Market.


I mean everyone knows Lush, don’t they? As you speak about Lush you can smell the strong aroma of scents when you walk in the door and the friendly staff that pounce on you as soon as you first step foot into the stores. They are the holy-grail of bath bombs. Each season they bring out a variety of different products. This valentine they are even releasing an aubergine and peach emoji… Brilliant.


She is the queen of baths. Her bathroom itself is enviable and then she adds her bath set up on top of this and she just has what looks like the most amazing soak! With this, she has her wide range of bath products that she sells at Superdrug. So, you can have a bath as enviable as her.

These are only the three brands I use for my baths. But there is so so so much out there that you can add to your bath to make it relaxing. Oils, bath bombs, salts, milks, you name it they have probably got it.

If you have any products you use, let me know in the comments below and I will add them into my bath routine.

Stories of 2019 #7

‘Go to bed early and wake up early. The morning hours are good.’ – Jeff Bezos

Early mornings in my Body Shop headband // 07.01.2019

I have always, well every since I went to university, got up at 7am on the dot, made my coffee and porridge and settled down in a comfy spot to start my day. However, I would scroll through various social media to check at what everyone had been up to. Nothing very productive or good for me first thing in the day!

I have been inspired to change up my morning routine and adopt the ‘power hour’, a term coined by Adrienne Herbert. An inspirational lady whose story is worth reading about. If you follow her on Instagram you will see she wakes up at the bright and breezy time of 5:45am (!!). She claims that this is the most magical hour of the day. When you are up when the rest of the world is asleep, you can get a head start on your day.

Even though I was not doing much, I used to love waking up before the whole house at university and just having that moment for me. So, with it being the first Monday of the new year, I am not going to have ‘just a few more minutes’ after my alarm clock has gone or sit watching a YouTube video. I am going to wake up and do something for me and my goals, whether that be writing a blog, read a magazine or do some stretching.

Listening to the guests on Adreinne’s Power Hour podcast such as Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella and Fiona Murden, I have been inspired by the benefits they have achieved from the ‘power hour’. Well, Ella is one of the top plant-based blogs in the world, has a range of products and a deli in London… I mean any thing she is doing, I want to know.

With my alarm set of 6:30am, I ready to conquer the day!