Where did I eat and drink in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a foodies heaven! I think everywhere I looked there was yummy food from chips covered in sauces, waffles coated in chocolate, to big ice cream cones. But also nestled away there are healthier cafes and amazing coffee shops (and I mean coffee shops that sell coffee beans). I had seen some places online and had kept them in mind when on my little city break and I loved each and every one of the places we went too. Even my three euro pizza slice was INCREDIBLE!

Warning: This post may make you extremely hungry… Like I am now writing it!

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Entering the Moulin Rouge with The Secret Cinema

This weekend myself and Cole were off to London to travel back in time to 1899 to play our parts in the Moulin Rouge! Cole had actually bought me this for Christmas and we both did not have any idea what it was going to be like, what was going to happen or anything!! We had seen previous secret cinemas on their website but it did not give much away apart from that they looked incredible!

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