Blogmas day 8: Peggy Porschen Cakes

I entered a bloggers paradise here at Peggy Porschen Cakes! And there was even a blogger perched on the steps under the beautiful doorway with her professional photographer snapping away.

This explosion of pink against the dark London road is an instant uplift especially on the wet cloudy day like ours! You can always rely on the English weather not to let you down ha ha.

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Bookshops, Brunch and Bread

Summer has come to an end and winter is settling in, holidays are over and we are back to being university students. While the weekdays are spent in lectures or in the library, we headed out for a fun day on Sunday (to reduce our chances of going loopy… or becoming less loopy…)

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How Do You Overcome Holiday Blues?

This is perhaps one of the hardest things about coming home from any holiday – the holiday blues! When it’s all over, and you are heading back to work, school or even just to a big pile of washing thinking about how you wish you was still there.

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Fun, Sun and Getting Lost

This weekend, I hopped on the train up to Mansfield to visit Cole, as this is where he is currently doing his work placement for University. As I didn’t get in till late, Friday evening consisted of eating pizza and watching the Rio Olympics opening ceremony!

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