A Guide to Edinburgh

Hello! And welcome to the first post of 2018! I hope you all had a lovely break over Christmas and new year full of eating, drinking and a lot of lazy days. I know I did, I think I wore PJs more than I wore clothes… But it was Christmas so it was allowed.

But back to reality now and I am back at university sitting in my room wrapped up in 100 layers typing this blog post. Yipee to student accommodation!

Now I absolutely loved Edinburgh and recently coming home from there after Hogmanay,  I thought I would put together a little guide to the places I have loved. I have only been a few times so I do not have the super exclusive places but I am writing this to tell you all the little tourist spots and cool places to go if you do. As well as this, I have only been when it has been extremely cold so I cannot give tips about Fringe festival or beer gardens as that would be extremely cold! Hopefully, in the future when I visit again, of course, I will go in warmer months.

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Blogmas Day 3: The Ultimate Christmas Market Bucket List

If you have not seen my previous blog posts or my vlogs online you will not know I love love love a Christmas market!! They are the ultimate festive day and I am all for the festive feels. So I thought why not put together a list of the top 10 Christmas markets that I have either been too or are on my Christmas market bucket list!

Here it goes!



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Hogmanay in Edinburgh (Part 3)

The last blog of Hogmanay! Where has this year gone already we are into our 3rd week… 3rd!! Before we know it, I will be writing again about New Years Eve and what adventure we got up too.

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Hogmanay in Edinburgh (Part 2)

30th December 2016

Waking up very excited as tonight we were off to see Paolo Nutini! I think ever since I and Cole met we have both said that Paolo was on the top of our lists to see live. And the time was now!

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Hogmanay in Edinburgh (Part 1)

Welcome back to Stories of Adventure!

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we are already 3 days into the new year already, but I hope you all had a brilliant time celebrating and did not feel too hungover on the 1st.

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How Do You Overcome Holiday Blues?

This is perhaps one of the hardest things about coming home from any holiday – the holiday blues! When it’s all over, and you are heading back to work, school or even just to a big pile of washing thinking about how you wish you was still there.

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A quick getaway

For Easter, while both enjoying our break from university (and celebrating our anniversary), I and Cole decided to pack our bags and head off on a quick city break to Edinburgh!

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