Stories of 2019 #39: Graduate Life

I just bumped into one of my old school friends in the town today and we got discussing what we are up to in life. She has been to university and studied dance and we were saying about life after uni… What they do not tell you!

You have your degree. And you have worked so hard for that. Late nights in the library fuelled by coffee, endless amounts of reading and learning about certain topics and coming up with your best ideas so you can write your 10,000-word dissertation. But now, you have your certificate and you are set to get a job – a wonderful job too! However what if you don’t? What if three, or even 10 months down the line you are still applying or still figuring out what you want to do for a career? University life is simply cut off. If you are studying away you move back home more commonly, your friends are now dotted around the country, some are in amazing jobs smashing life and no longer do you have that structure in your life of education. Most people go to university straight from school or college and therefore, have spent the majority of their lives within education. It can be tough to finish university and studies have shown that people do suffer from university blues. And it seems silly because university is such a privilege and there are far worse things out there that people are suffering from but I wanted to write about this so people knew they were not alone.

My friends (four in total lol) are either still studying or excelling in their field of work and it makes me so happy to see that the hard work they have put into their education and even the application process of their careers has paid off! But seeing an old friend today made me realise that it is not that simple. It seems there is a misconception around university degrees and work, simply people thinking that people with degrees should go straight into a job. So, when they see graduates working in a shop or being unemployed they tend to make jokes about spending all that money to work where? Yes, people may laugh it off but inside they may be feeling lost and lacking some confidence. Despite 82% of graduates being in employment (yippee!), it does take time to secure a full-time position, according to the Office of National Statistics. So, graduates, have faith in your path and if you are currently unemployed or not yet using your degree – do not worry! Take this time to enjoy life whilst you have the time off and work out about yourself or find a hobby because once you are in a full-time position, it may be a long time until you are out of one.

Most importantly stay positive.


Stories of 2019 #4: Life Job Applying

“You’ll never please everyone, but you only have to please a few to get an offer.” – Harvey MacKay

Myself, apply for jobs. Featuring, M&S Horoscope mug // 3rd January 2019

The life of a graduate. Apply for a dream job of mine and do not even get shortlisted for an interview. It is safe to say I am a little bit disappointed but hey, clearly not the job for me.

I was embarrassed to share this with you but this is my story of 2019 and the job of searching for a job (or, at least finding some direction) is going to be the dominant story of my year. This is my space on the internet and others may be in the same situation of applying for jobs after university or needing a career change. So, I thought to share my journey may be of interest and this might show how having a Masters degree may not help you get a job as much as you would think. And, hey, I might be able to impart some words of wisdom later down the line. You never know, I am sure stranger things have happened!

When I watched Mary Poppins Returns before Christmas, I thought to myself how handy it would be to have my own Mary Poppins slightly leading you down the right track in life, as, at the moment, I am slightly off roading ha ha. I did seek to read my yearly horoscope for 2019, in the hope it will shed some light. And I know as you read this, you are probably thinking, oh no she only bloody believes in her horoscope! But yes, yes I do or I at least hope in some way it is true(ish).

Anyway, on to the next application…