Stories of 2019 #17: Smoothie Bowl Addict

I confess. I am a smoothie bowl addict. I do not care if they contain hundreds of hidden calories, they look and they taste bloody delicious! Pink, purple, blue, Halloween themed, topped with heaps of peanut butter, fruit, granola (best part), flowers, who knows you may even find a mermaid in the depths of a smoothie bowl. I mean there are even Instagram accounts dedicated to the smoothie bowl… How can you resist when they look THAT good.

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Yummy Blue Smoothie Bowl by @isiaaak

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You do have to go out and source a smoothie bowl if you want them to look good, unless you are just a domestic goddess and can blend up something as good as this. I know I can’t, so I go on the global smoothie bowl hunt.

They became popular in 2016 and was a huge Instagram trend due to their drool-worthy look. But what really is a smoothie bowl I hear you ask? Well, it is a mix of frozen fruit, vegetables and other so-called superfoods such as yogurt, avocado and oats. This forms a ice-cream like texture, so instead of putting your smoothie in a cup and drinking with a straw, you pour it into a bowl and eat it with a spoon. Then it is time for the crown jewels – the beautiful toppings that are carefully placed sometimes in lines on top of your smoothie, which can be pretty much anything. The aim of the smoothie bowl is supposedly to make you eat more mindfully as you cannot gulp it down – unless you want brain freeze…

However, they are said to be very high in sugar so maybe consume in moderation.

I have to say, not to blow my own trumpet, but I like to now call myself the global smoothie bowl connoisseur. Ubud, Canguu, Byron Bay, London, Townsville, Hitchin, I mean do I need to convince your further? Joking, when I am making smoothie bowls good enough to go on the smoothie bowl accounts, I know then I am the connoisseur.

Anyway, here are where I have had the delicious smoothie bowl.

The Avocado Factory, Canguu // Avo Island Smoothie Bowl
Watercress, Ubud // Acai Superfood Smoothie Bowl
Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel, Ubud // Smoothie Bowl
NUUT Nutrition Bar, Fremantel WA // Nourishing Glow Bowl
Acai Brother, Byron Bay // Ain’t Nothin’ Butter Bowl
The Beet Bar, Townsville // Peanut Butter Swirl
Pluk, Amsterdam // Unicorn Acai Bowl
Feya, London // Pastel Rainbow Smoothie Bowl
Chia Cafe, Hitchin // Acai Smoothie Bowl

By the looks of things I need to take my own advice and think about moderation ha ha. Now make sure you share your smoothie bowls with me and I can go and try too!


Stories of 2019 #3: Back on the Health Kick

“Skip the diet. Just eat healthy.”

Lunch 02.01.2018 // Vivera kebab salad

Have you joined the Veganuary tribe? Have you been thinking about the idea of dipping your toe into the world of a vegan diet? Well, since coming back from Australia I have been trying my hardest to eat a vegan diet as much as I can. And, most importantly, if I have slipped up here and there, I have not punished myself because sometimes it can be hard and you know what, I am human and people make mistakes! It is all a process and about learning along the way.

What I enjoy most about following this plant-based diet is that it gets me cooking and I find cooking very therapeutic. And there is so so so much out there now to try and lots of restaurants popping up, it is an exciting time to be making the change to vegan. For example, some of my favorite supermarket brands are Vivera (the vegan kebab is so good), Oatly and Violife.

Sometimes I do find myself just having a stir-fry of veg and rice and I do enjoy this dinner but after a while it gets boring so I now am a proud owner of a variety of vegan/vegetarian cookbooks to add some spice into my life!

Joe Wicks // Veggie Lean in 15
Nina Olsson // Bowl of Goodness
Lucy Watson // Feed Me Vegan
So Vegan in 5 // Roxy Pope and Ben Pook

P.S The Veganuary website is packed full of information from eating out and what to order, to what’s best to order in a certain cuisine and free recipe books. Take a look and see how easy it is now to have a plant-based diet.

Pluk Amsterdam

If you are forever looking for pretty cafes around the world you have probably no doubt seen this gem! Especially their unicorn smoothie bowls. Located amongst some very cool independent cafes and boutique shops on 9 Streets, Pluk serves up not only healthy but delicious food.

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