Cole’s Birthday Surprise

19th June I woke up to a wrinkly old man… No not really just Cole who today had turnt the big 22! So as a little surprise for his birthday I thought to myself why not plan a little trip for us both rather than being stuck where I live where there are limited options of what to do I planned a trip to Paris!!

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Photo Diary: Scary Swans and Boat Trips

Following our previous blog we wanted to share with you all our other photos!

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Spring afternoons in Dovedale

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Dream Girls the Musical and too Many Drinks

For Christmas my dad was generous enough to buy my mum, sister and myself tickets to see the musical Dream Girls! So it was a cute girls day out with the other dream girls in my life!

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Photo Diary: East Preston Beach and Bluebird Cafe

Following our previous blog, and seeing our photo diary last week was so popular we thought we would continue!

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Dog Walks and Skimming Stones

Justine and Glenn (my family friends who live near Brighton) have the most amazing house called ‘The Beach Hut’ right on the stony beach of East Preston! So after a busy day exploring Brighton, that you would have seen in a previous blog, we were having more of a chilled day in East Preston taking the dogs for a walk along the beach and stopped at the cafe for some treats!

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A Photo Diary: Fun in West Kirby

Welcome back! I hope everyone has been enjoying the first few days of sun we have been having, I know Cole did when he went home at the weekend and spent the weekend adventuring with his sister, nephew and little Jessie! So take it away Cole!

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