Stories of 2019 #16: Ups and Downs

What a grey day! I was going to write about happiness today as I was in such a good mood yesterday and just felt like a new women. But it just goes to show you how each day if different. My mood and brain match the weather – grey, tired and moody!

I finished the gym last night and my mum picked me up and I turned and said to her, “I just feel amazing. I do not know what it is but I don’t feel tired, achy or down. I just feel happy.” I think this could be due to a number of things. Theory 1, I have come out of the other side of the vegan transitional phase (lol). Being vegan for almost 4 months now, I think I am finally fully adjusted and now feeling the benefits of the lifestyle change! Theory 2, I have come off my pill but this may also be the reason to why today I am moody… Theory 3, I am feeling fit. Not as in fit, good-looking fit, but as in I am improving at the gym, I can run further and I am making way back to the shape I had before going to Australia.

Anyway, that was yesterday and like a true hormonal women, today I am grumpy, I am tired and just need a holiday or a full body massage, or maybe both. Yes, 100% both. We all have these down days so it is sometimes best to just accept it and find the funny side. The funny side of today for me is being able to share with you the ups and downs of being India.