Stories of 2019 #53: March Photo Diary

The sun has come out to play and generally, everyone is feeling happier. I started the week with a wobble but today (I am writing this on Thursday), I am a happy Inds. I am sat in my room with the window open, where I can hear the birds tweeting and see the sun shining a beautiful light into my room. I have to say this is my favourite time of year. You are done with the cold weather and you can feel it going up few degrees! You get excited for the possibilities of what this summer could bring and find yourself reminiscing on previous BBQ’s and pub garden afternoons with friends, ice-creams by the sea and horrendous burn lines (not tan lines lol). I hope you have been able to enjoy being outside in the sun. Luckily for me, I do not drive so I am forced to get out and walk around in the sunshine with, most likely, a podcast playing in my ears.

In photos (HUJI style, of course) my week has looked like this… True stunner in that first one lol. Probably was I look like 99% of the time… hair-up, headphones on, lazy eye out and about, gym clothes, no make-up – true India style.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.


Stories of 2019 #52: London Food Tour

What a whirlwind week I have just had and it is not even over yet! The perks of working part-time is that I have been able to spend a few days with friends and family and been able to spend pretty much everyday so far in London.

Me and my friend, Jess, had booked to see George Ezra a few months back at the O2. As we had not seen each other in a little while and always wanting to explore London, we thought why not make it into a mini staycation! We booked a Travelodge in Greenwich and headed up Monday evening. Both Instagram obsessed, we had a few points of interest we wanted to visit after seeing them on various influencers accounts (how basic of us haha). And Monday nights bar of choice was an underground bar in Waterloo called Tonight Josephine. Iconic for its, ‘well behaved women don’t make history’ neon sign on the ‘gram, we headed there for some Monday night cocktails. How every Monday should end! Tonight Josephine is one of seven bars run by this chain, with notably Bar Elba in Waterloo and Blame Gloria in Covent Garden. My cousin has been to Blame Gloria and said how much fun it was, so definitely one to try. On Monday, me and Jess also tried Bar Elba, which is a hop skip and a jump away from Tonight Josephine, but is a rooftop bar! Admittedly, we were drawn in by the 2-4-1 cocktail sign outside the door as we left the other bar…

Bar Elba had a lot better atmosphere than Tonight Josephine but I think people were in the same boat as us and were won over by 2-4-1 drinks.

Tuesday we woke up nice and early with the intention to try and get tickets for the V&A Dior exhibition. With pre-bought tickets sold out for bloody months, they realise 120 on the day tickets. But when we arrived at the V&A at 9:50am, the queue was already big! Would you believe six people from the ticket desk – they sold out… I mean, how unlucky. I would have prefered them to have sold out either after me (in an ideal world) or if I was 20 or so from the front! Not six!

Anyway, after an hour of standing in a queue for no reason, we walked to get some brunch and drown our sorrows in coffee. Already in the Kensington area, we walked for 20 minutes to Farm Girl cafe in Chelsea. Rose lattes, acai bowls and avocado on toast – this place screamed India. Decorated by Beata Heuman, this Wes-Anderson-esque cafe is beautiful, with its hanging ivy plants and pastel pinks. I ordered a coconut milk flat white and an acai smoothie with organic Amazonian berries with banana and almond milk topped with fruit, chia seeds, almond butter, granola and coconut shavings. Jess had the same as me but with a butterfly matcha.

Our day was basically a walking tour of food places we wanted to go as we could not get into the exhibition. After Farm Girl cafe in Chelsea we wandered over to Oxford street, where we had cake at Deliciously Ella’s deli. But my god, I will have to go back here for lunch as the smell as soon as you entered this busy little cafe was incredible! I love Ella anyway and follow a lot of her recipes when cooking at home (which you will see on my Instagram) so this spot was basically because I am a fan girl. Plus, all of her foods are made from organic ingredients so, all healthy, I shall tell myself anyway. I opted for an iced turmeric latte and slice of victoria sponge, whilst Jess had a beetroot latte and banana bread with almond butter.

For a food break, we hit the stories along Oxford Street dipping in and out of the shops, as well as our bags to reach for our purses. The day was flying by and we needed to head back to our hotel to get ready for George Ezra at 7:30pm. We decided we did not want to eat at the O2 and would rather eat in central London at a cool restaurant. I had found a plant-based kitchen just off of Oxford Street on Percy Street, called Kalifornia Kitchen, ran by Loui Blake. Here we had a burger and chips! It only has a small menu but the waiter recommended the klassic kalifornia burger and it was real good. #dontkalemyvibe

Now, well and truly full after three stops across London (ops) but not too bad considering our 28,000 step count, we ventured back to the hotel and then onwards to the O2. As expected George was brilliant. He instantly brings a smile to my face with all of his songs and in between, each song, he tells stories about how he came up with this song or that tune and included witty comments. Overall, it was a brilliant performance and I was up, out of my seat dancing away to Shotgun, Paradise and Barcelona.

*Well done for making it this far if you are still with me and this blog post – you are a true fan and I love you greatly!*

On Wednesday, we were going to try again at the V&A but I was struck down with a cold. So, instead we decided just to head back to Stevenage, where Jess drove back to Manchester and me in search of cold and flu tablets. After a good nights sleep dosed up with Night nurse (miracle tablets), we were up and again, I was standing on the platform at Stevenage station, dolled up for afternoon tea! For my mum’s birthday we had bought her the Mary Poppins themed afternoon tea at Aqua in the Shard. On the 32nd floor we had scones, cake and finger sandwiches overlooking the amazing skyline of London.

But today has been less glamorous and the cold has come out in full force! So, I woke up, cooked a delicious breakfast and got on with some jobs from the comfort of a nice, warm house. But the week is not yet complete and I have more exciting events coming up. Tomorrow night (Saturday), I am going to a charity ball so my ball gown and high heels are ready to get dancing! Then Sunday, me and my dad are perhaps going to make some plans as my mum is off pampering herself with her friends at Champney’s health spa. Not jealous….

So, this week has flown by and been full of exciting events. Not so good on the gym and healthy eating side of things as I have only been twice this week compared to my usual six… can you believe that! Feeling guilty just writing that down. I suppose with a cold and a busy time, it is difficult to squeeze it in and I should chill a little bit. But next week I will be back on the workouts.

Have you been up to anything exciting this week?

Stories of #18,19 and 20…oops: January Photo Diary

I am rounding off this week, with a week in pictures. I have been snap happy lately, especially when I am out walking. The blue skies and winter sunshine just makes for the perfect photo. So, from everything from the food I have eaten, selfies with dogs and a day in London – here is my week in pictures.

Stories of 2019 #17: Smoothie Bowl Addict

I confess. I am a smoothie bowl addict. I do not care if they contain hundreds of hidden calories, they look and they taste bloody delicious! Pink, purple, blue, Halloween themed, topped with heaps of peanut butter, fruit, granola (best part), flowers, who knows you may even find a mermaid in the depths of a smoothie bowl. I mean there are even Instagram accounts dedicated to the smoothie bowl… How can you resist when they look THAT good.

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Yummy Blue Smoothie Bowl by @isiaaak

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You do have to go out and source a smoothie bowl if you want them to look good, unless you are just a domestic goddess and can blend up something as good as this. I know I can’t, so I go on the global smoothie bowl hunt.

They became popular in 2016 and was a huge Instagram trend due to their drool-worthy look. But what really is a smoothie bowl I hear you ask? Well, it is a mix of frozen fruit, vegetables and other so-called superfoods such as yogurt, avocado and oats. This forms a ice-cream like texture, so instead of putting your smoothie in a cup and drinking with a straw, you pour it into a bowl and eat it with a spoon. Then it is time for the crown jewels – the beautiful toppings that are carefully placed sometimes in lines on top of your smoothie, which can be pretty much anything. The aim of the smoothie bowl is supposedly to make you eat more mindfully as you cannot gulp it down – unless you want brain freeze…

However, they are said to be very high in sugar so maybe consume in moderation.

I have to say, not to blow my own trumpet, but I like to now call myself the global smoothie bowl connoisseur. Ubud, Canguu, Byron Bay, London, Townsville, Hitchin, I mean do I need to convince your further? Joking, when I am making smoothie bowls good enough to go on the smoothie bowl accounts, I know then I am the connoisseur.

Anyway, here are where I have had the delicious smoothie bowl.

The Avocado Factory, Canguu // Avo Island Smoothie Bowl
Watercress, Ubud // Acai Superfood Smoothie Bowl
Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel, Ubud // Smoothie Bowl
NUUT Nutrition Bar, Fremantel WA // Nourishing Glow Bowl
Acai Brother, Byron Bay // Ain’t Nothin’ Butter Bowl
The Beet Bar, Townsville // Peanut Butter Swirl
Pluk, Amsterdam // Unicorn Acai Bowl
Feya, London // Pastel Rainbow Smoothie Bowl
Chia Cafe, Hitchin // Acai Smoothie Bowl

By the looks of things I need to take my own advice and think about moderation ha ha. Now make sure you share your smoothie bowls with me and I can go and try too!

Blogmas day 8: Peggy Porschen Cakes

I entered a bloggers paradise here at Peggy Porschen Cakes! And there was even a blogger perched on the steps under the beautiful doorway with her professional photographer snapping away.

This explosion of pink against the dark London road is an instant uplift especially on the wet cloudy day like ours! You can always rely on the English weather not to let you down ha ha.

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Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Shopping in London

I love London and at Christmas, I love it even more if that is possible because of all the decorations and the atmosphere that London itself has around this time of year. I must say my favorite places to visit at Christmas is Selfridges and Carnaby street they just have the best decorations.

Throughout December Selfridges has tons of stuff going on to celebrate the time of year. Everything from Santa in the store, Christmas choir, and DJs, a party parade, breakfast with Santa and they have a whole floor dedicated to Christmas where you can even buy personalised Christmas crackers!! Only at Selfridges!

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Blogmas Day 4: My 2017 Photo Album

I thought I would share with you a bunch of my favorite photographs from 2017! I tell you what it has been a year and a half but I do not want to let any spoilers slip as I have a look back on 2017 later, full of the exciting time, the hard times and what I want in the future. So my little Christmas readers you will have to wait!

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